The prime minister inaugurated the new Parliament building -- also known as Sansad Bhavan

During the event, priests gave him the 'Sengol', which was used by Jawaharlal Nehru to accept power in 1947.

Akhand Bharat in new Parliament.

This twinkling person is Vummidi Ethirajulu, who made the original sacred "Sengol" in 1947 on orders of Aadheenam.

The inauguration was part of the Central Vista Project, which is designed to revamp 46 hectares

in the political heart of Lutyens Delhi (also known as 'Lutyens') by

replacing colonial-era monuments and buildings

with modern offices and government facilities.

. The 'Sengol' will be installed in the Lok Sabha chamber next to the Speaker's chair.

It is a key symbol of India's independence and represents the transfer of power from British rule to the Indian state.